Free Cisco Packet Tracer Activity Network Discovery

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So far our previous labs have been dedicated to configuring and troubleshooting routing and switching. This lab is a little different but is still an essential part of the network engineer’s knowledge base. In this lab we will use tools like ping, and tracert along with show commands like show ip arp, show mac-address-table and show cdp neighbors to explore and document an existing network using nothing but a telnet session on a host PC. 

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CCNA Packet Tracer Activity Troubleshooting 1

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In this Free Cisco Lab CCNA Packet Tracer Activity you will be troubleshooting an existing network with multiple issues. You will implement repairs to restore full connectivity. When the repairs are complete you will update the documentation to reflect all changes made.

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Ultimate CCNA Packet Tracer Activity

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In this Free CCNA Lab challenge you will use Packet Tracer to configuring a small company with two sites Seattle and Tacoma, these sites are connected to the internet and their local intranet domain via a frame relay WAN. There is also a remote home office that connects to the internet and the company intranet via a DSL connection to their local ISP.

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Spanning Tree Optimization Root Bridge Placement

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With the ever expanding use of multilayer switches in today’s modern networks the ability to understand, configuring and optimize Spanning Tree has become very important part of setting up and maintaining today’s multilayer switched networks.

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