Pips and Filters with Cisco Show Command

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Cisco’s IOS show command can provide a lot of information. Although most of the time this information is much more the you need, so Cisco has provided a way to pipe the information through filters. Just like on Linux, you can use the pipe (|) to pass the show output to filters and display only the information you need.

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Ports VS Interfaces What Are The Differences

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Over the long course of my career I have heard many of my colleagues refer to these two terms interchangeably, although this is actually not true and may cost you a wrong answer on an exam such as Cisco’s CCNA or CCNP which could make the difference between you passing the exam or not. Let us take a look at the differences in these two terms. Continue reading “Ports VS Interfaces What Are The Differences” »

CCNP Lab Troubleshooting Complex Environments

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Tshoot Lab-10-1 

This lab covers a range of problems and requires that you make use of your troubleshooting skills to resolve the routing and switching problems introduced. This lab focuses on routing and switching connectivity issues related to EtherChannel, STP, OSPF, EIGRP, and ACLs. 

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Automate Repetitive Tasks Using TcL Scripts

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The Cisco IOS Tcl shell was designed to allow users to run Tcl commands directly from the Cisco IOS CLI prompt. Cisco IOS software does contain some subsystems such as Embedded Syslog Manager (ESM) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that use Tcl interpreters as part of their implementation. These subsystems have their own proprietary commands and keyword options that are not available in the Tcl shell.

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