Packet Tracer Lab Securing Router Admin Access

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Security Lab1


The router is a key component that controls the movement of data into and out of the network and between devices within the network. It is particularly important to protect network routers because the failure of a routing device could make sections of the network or the entire network inaccessible. Controlling access to routers and enabling reporting on routers are critical to network security and should be part of a comprehensive security policy. Continue reading “Packet Tracer Lab Securing Router Admin Access” »

ASA Stateful LAN Based Failover Lab For GNS3

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The objective of this free Cisco GNS3 lab is to demonstrate how to configure LAN-Based active/active failover and to distribute loads between two ISPs using the Cisco ASA 5520. The GNS3 network file and a detailed network diagram have been provided for this lab but you will need to supply the final configuration.

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Pips and Filters with Cisco Show Command

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Cisco’s IOS show command can provide a lot of information. Although most of the time this information is much more the you need, so Cisco has provided a way to pipe the information through filters. Just like on Linux, you can use the pipe (|) to pass the show output to filters and display only the information you need.

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Basic Practice Labs Introduction

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Welcome to our new practice labs. Each week we will add a new lab challenge for you to complete as well as the answer to the previous weeks challenge. The labs will start very basic and increases in difficulty as the week’s progress. 

For these labs we will be using a router simulator called Dynamips which can be downloaded from GNS3 for free. This software will run on Windows or MacOS X and will support a number of different router models and interfaces that will more than suffice for all the labs in the up and coming weeks. 

The following is a diagram of the physical lab configuration as you would see it in Dynamips. We will be using this configuration for all of our labs. 


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