Free Cisco Lab Troubleshooting RIP

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In this Lab you will be using your troubleshooting skills to analyze a network that is using RIP as the routing protocol. The sales department has just been moved to a new location and connected to the company network via a frame-relay connection. After the move all the computers in the sales department can no longer access the company network. Your job is to find the cause of the failure and restore connectivity.


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Free Cisco Lab Packet Tracer Activity Basic Rip

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This Packet Tracer activity “Basic Rip” is a great lab for those studying for their CCNA. It demonstrates how to configure and use RIP in a network environment. This lab is also a great review scenario for CCNP and CCIE studies.

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Free Cisco Lab GNS3 Scenario CCNA Final Assessment

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This lab scenario will test your knowledge of all aspects of the CCNA certification. You will configure a network with IP and IPX across Frame Relay, ISDN, Ethernet, Token Ring, and point to point connections. You will also configure and redistribute RIP, IGRP and EIGRP routing protocols.

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Free Cisco Lab GNS3 Scenario Lab1

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This Free Cisco Lab Scenario is directed to CCNP and CCIE students of intermediate level. In this lab you will configure and redistribute RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF in multiple areas. Although there are Token Ring connections they may be substituted for Ethernet if unavailable. This lab should take about eight hours to complete.

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