Free Cisco GNS3 Lab EIGRP Challenge

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EIGRP-FINALThis EIGRP challenge has been created to test your knowledge of EIGRP and include such topics as EIGRP Stub network, EIGRP timers, Metric calculations, Authentication, offset-list, Access-list, Prefix-list, and route maps. The final goal of this lab is full connectivity. The topology of the lab has been created using GNS3 and consist of seven 3725 Cisco routers, five switched and a frame relay cloud.

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Four GNS3 OSPF Labs In One

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OSPF-LAB These labs are dedicated to understanding and configuring OSPF. The lab consist of four separate labs each lab building on the previous OSPF topology covering topic such as OSPF backbone area, Stubby, NSSA (Not So Stubby Area), and Totally Stubby areas, Virtual Link areas, OSPF over Frame-Relay, and redistribution of external network into an OSPF area. Continue reading “Four GNS3 OSPF Labs In One” »

Pips and Filters with Cisco Show Command

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Cisco’s IOS show command can provide a lot of information. Although most of the time this information is much more the you need, so Cisco has provided a way to pipe the information through filters. Just like on Linux, you can use the pipe (|) to pass the show output to filters and display only the information you need.

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Ports VS Interfaces What Are The Differences

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Over the long course of my career I have heard many of my colleagues refer to these two terms interchangeably, although this is actually not true and may cost you a wrong answer on an exam such as Cisco’s CCNA or CCNP which could make the difference between you passing the exam or not. Let us take a look at the differences in these two terms. Continue reading “Ports VS Interfaces What Are The Differences” » Site Meter