IPV6 Redistribution EIGRP OSPF RIP

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In this Free Cisco Lab scenario you will use Packet Tracer to configure 10 routers to use IPV6, enabling IPV6 on each router, and assign each router an IPV6 address. You will then configure RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF as shown in the provided network diagram.  You will then redistribute the RIP, OSPF and EIGRP routing protocols over the network. Finally you will use Ping, Debug, and Show commands to verify the operation and connectivity of the network.

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Exploring Intermediate Access Control List (ACL)

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In this activity you will learn to configure and apply a Standard and Extended access list to control access to devices within the network lab as well as apply an access list as an access class to restrict telnet access to some devices.

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Free Cisco Lab Scenario Troubleshooting OSPF

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Up till now the lab scenarios have been geared to demonstrating how routing protocols work and how to configure them, but in this lab you will ask you to fix a broken network. This lab includes a corrupted script that you use your troubleshooting techniques to isolate the problems and implement a solution. By the end of the lab, you should have a functional network with full end-to-end connectivity.

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Free Cisco Lab Packet Tracer Activity OSPF Multiarea

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This lab has been designed as a Cisco Packet Tracer activity but I have provided the topology for GNS as well.


In this lab scenario you will configure OSPF routing protocol across multiple OSPF areas using Ethernet and Serial links connecting 6 routers and 5 switches. You will also configure a Server and 4 PC workstations and verify their connectivity. The following is a brief description of the area you will be configuring.  

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