Learn to Subnet Using Games and Charts

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One of the most intimidating but extremely important subjects on the CCENT/CCNA or ICND1 exam is subnetting. We were all taught to think in decimal but computers think in binary and the idea of all those ones and zeros are just a bit overwhelming for most of us. A subnetwork, or subnet, is a subdivision of an IP network address providing multiple smaller networks. Subnetting is the practice of dividing a network IP address into two or more networks.


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Free Cisco GNS3 Lab OSPF MD5 Authentication

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In This Free Cisco Lab we will configure Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) authentication using MD5 authentication to allow the authenticate OSPF neighbors. You can enable authentication in OSPF in order to exchange routing update information in a secure manner. OSPF authentication can be implemented in one of three methods. Continue reading “Free Cisco GNS3 Lab OSPF MD5 Authentication” »

Automate Repetitive Tasks Using TcL Scripts

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The Cisco IOS Tcl shell was designed to allow users to run Tcl commands directly from the Cisco IOS CLI prompt. Cisco IOS software does contain some subsystems such as Embedded Syslog Manager (ESM) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that use Tcl interpreters as part of their implementation. These subsystems have their own proprietary commands and keyword options that are not available in the Tcl shell.

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CCNA Packet Tracer Activity Troubleshooting 1

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In this Free Cisco Lab CCNA Packet Tracer Activity you will be troubleshooting an existing network with multiple issues. You will implement repairs to restore full connectivity. When the repairs are complete you will update the documentation to reflect all changes made.

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