Troubleshooting VSS Failure

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In this article we are going to discuss how a VSS pair reacts during a failure. There are three possible failure scenarios that may occur.

  1. Link failure in the multi-chassis port channel link.
  2. Active supervisor engine failure.
  3. VSL failure.

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CCIE Service Provider GNS3 lab

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This lab is an advanced CCIE service provided lab that I discovered on one of the many Cisco forums online dedicated to providing help to Cisco students and network engineers alike. I tough that it was an excellent practice scenario for anyone studying for the service provider exam or if you just like gain a better understand of MPLS. This lab was originally created by P.Kaczor, CCIE #24301. I created a GNS3 topology and the solution configuration so you will have something to compare your solution when you have completed the lab. Continue reading “CCIE Service Provider GNS3 lab” »

Free GNS3 Lab Advanced MPLS VPN

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This lab is based on a lab I found on one of the forums, and in this lab we will use GNS3 to create an advanced lab consisting of 12 inter connected Cisco 3640 IOS based routers. We will use this lab to gain a better understanding of how to configure MPLS VPNs. In addition to these technologies we will review basic router configuration along with some other technologies such as OSPF, BGP, NAT, IPSEC and GRE. Continue reading “Free GNS3 Lab Advanced MPLS VPN” »

Free GNS3 Lab Basic MPLS Configuration

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This free GNS3 lab is an effort to provide a better understanding of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and how to configure it on Cisco IOS routers.

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