CCIE Service Provider GNS3 lab

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This lab is an advanced CCIE service provided lab that I discovered on one of the many Cisco forums online dedicated to providing help to Cisco students and network engineers alike. I tough that it was an excellent practice scenario for anyone studying for the service provider exam or if you just like gain a better understand of MPLS. This lab was originally created by P.Kaczor, CCIE #24301. I created a GNS3 topology and the solution configuration so you will have something to compare your solution when you have completed the lab.
If you have completed passing you CCIE routing and switching exam and lab and you are looking for a new challenge you might want to pursue the CCIE service provider certification. The CCIE Service Provider path focuses on the skills required for proficiency in the service provider networking arena. The CCIE Service Provider certification certifies you are an expert in IP fundamentals and technologies as well as building an extensible service provider network infrastructure to provide rich managed services. Those certified as CCIE Service Provider will possess advanced skills related to packet architecture and technologies essential to service providers such as service provisioning, MPLS, VPNs, service level agreements and basic security.

Learning Objectives:

  • LDP with OSPF and ISIS as IGP.
  • P-BGP IPv4 and IPv6.
  • BGP IP/L3VPN for IPv4 and IPv6 (intra- and inter-AS).
  • MPLS TE (intra-area, inter-AS).
  • PE-CE routing protocols.
  • VRF selection with PBR.
  • Advanced BGP features.
  • MVPN (draft-rosen).

I have included the GNS3 topology along with the final configuration file in the download. Although the lab has been created using GNS3 you may choose to use real hardware for your lab but be aware you may need to change the topology in order to support the devices you choose to use and be sure that IOS version of selected devices support all the necessary command required.

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