ASA Stateful LAN Based Failover Lab For GNS3

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The objective of this free Cisco GNS3 lab is to demonstrate how to configure LAN-Based active/active failover and to distribute loads between two ISPs using the Cisco ASA 5520. The GNS3 network file and a detailed network diagram have been provided for this lab but you will need to supply the final configuration.

One of the great features of GNS3 is the ability to emulate the Cisco ASA 5520 security appliance. Before you and use the ASA in GNS3 you need to load the device drivers and configure the ASA settings for Qemu. In addition to the files for the above lab, I have included detailed configuration instructions and Qemu drivers for the ASA security appliance.

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3 Responses to “ASA Stateful LAN Based Failover Lab For GNS3”

  1. goutam_04 Says:


    I am very very new to security domain, I am looking for this type of solution to be implemented and i am very happy to see the same here. could anyone can give me entire configuration of all nodes, I would be gret to you.

  2. jalalrah Says:

    hey me too id love to have the whole configuration of all nodes please, i did not find ir at all on youtube or google i am stuck here

  3. cbm Says:

    Just starting … and so useful material to work with.

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