CCNA Packet Tracer Activity Troubleshooting 1

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In this Free Cisco Lab CCNA Packet Tracer Activity you will be troubleshooting an existing network with multiple issues. You will implement repairs to restore full connectivity. When the repairs are complete you will update the documentation to reflect all changes made.



You are the owner of a small consulting company and were recently contact by the owner of a medium sized company with multiple geographic locations for assistance. The owner explains that a former employ was adding DHCP to their offices along with a few other improvements he thought needed to be done. But due to an argument with the CFO he quit before completing the work. The owner further explains that they have a very limited IT staff and no one with routing and switching experience.
When you arrive at the Headquarters Office you find that location is completely down. You are also informed that their Olympia and Spokane offices are also having issues but it is unclear to what the issues are.  The owner explains that there is very little documentation and provide you with a network diagram. You agree to accept the contract and start you investigation.
You contact the office manager of the Olympia office and find that all internal users can connect to internal resources, and other offices can connect to the server within their office but none of the internal users can connect to any of the other officer.
 You then contact the office manager at the Spokane office and find that again all of the internal users can connect to internal resources but are unable to contact other offices and none of the other office can connect to them.
Now that you have an idea of the issues you decide to start with the Headquarters offices first as you are on site and the issue there have the entire office down. You will then proceed to the other offices if needed after restoring connectivity at this location.


  1. Restore connectivity to the Headquarters Office in Seattle.
  2. Restore proper operation to the Olympia office. 
  3. Restore outside connectivity to the Spokane office.
  4. Insure that you can manage all routers and switches from anywhere in the network. 
  5. Document the entire network.

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  Packet Tracer 5-3-3 by Cisco (48.3 MiB, 3,580 hits)
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11 Responses to “CCNA Packet Tracer Activity Troubleshooting 1”

  1. Mike Says:

    What is the password on the devices in the lab?

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Mike,

    The console password is “sanfran”
    The enable password is “cisco”


  3. KevLev Says:

    Please tell me what the differnece is between Packet Tracer v5.22.0027 and v5.33.0019 I’ve been using the 5.22 version, but obviously, if the 5.33 is better and has more features, I would rather download that. So I need to know if it’s worth it and if I should go ahead and do the upgrade, or just stick what I’ve been using with v5.22. What are the main enhancements and differences between the two. Is one actually better than the other?


  4. raipraveen83 Says:

    Barry sir can u pls share the privilege level password as u said its not accepting password-cisco..u pls check nd let us know so we can do lab…..

  5. Jon Says:

    Yep, I would also like to troubleshoot this scenario, but without the password, it’s difficult.

    Thanks for your time!

  6. rafaelbn Says:

    Good lab! Thanks!

  7. migas62 Says:

    Very good

  8. Dominick Says:

    Great Lab

  9. Jay Tre Says:

    Ok i downloaded your troubleshooting packet tracer lab but a little confused as everything is password protected and i don’t know how to do the password recovery on the packet tracer. I can do it on real equipment but it does not seem to work on packet tracer is that part of the lab?

  10. admin Says:

    The console password is sanfran and the enable password is cisco, this is in the instructions provided with the lab. I use these passwords for all labs.

  11. Jeff_in_RTP Says:

    is the updated version of packet tracer available here? I think they are on 6 something now.

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