Network Design Challenge Lab 1

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This lab is designed as a challenge and will not only help you better understand routing and switching but will help you learn how design and implement networks to the customers’ requirements. In this lab you will take the existing network design and modify it to meet the new requirement as described in this document.



The XZZY Engineering Company has an existing flat network with three departments and a data center. The company is planning to expand and is concerned about out growing their existing network segment. They would like segment each department into its own network segment to provide more available address for each department. All departments will need to have access to the Data Centers servers and the internet. The Accounting and Engineering department have local servers that they need to have access to and have no intentions to placing them in the Data Center. The CFO and CTO reside in their prospective departments but need to be part of the Administration department. In addition to these requirements the XZZY Engineering Company wishes to use DHCP to address all computers workstations so that additional computers can be easily added in the future, they also do not wish to re-address the servers in the Data Center.

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