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In this lab you will Plan, configure, and apply a standard ACL to permit or deny specific traffic and test the ACL to determine if the desired results were achieved.

Standard Access Control Lists (ACL) are Cisco IOS-based commands used to filter packets on Cisco routers based on the source IP Address of the packet.The first thing to remember about ACL’s is they read from top to bottom. When a packet comes to a router interface, it is matched against the first line in the ACL, if it doesn’t meet the criteria, then it drops to the next line and so on until it reaches a permit or deny that fits it. The second thing to remember is THERE IS A IMPLICIT DENY underneath the last line! Don’t apply an access-list to an interface without at least one permit statement. Standard access lists can be numbered 1 – 99 or 1300 – 1999


To create a standard ACL, the following command syntax can be used:

Router (config) #access-list access-list-number {permit/deny} source [source-mask]

In the above command:

  • access-list is the command used to create a list.
  • access-list-number should be a value from 1 to 99, which is selected for creating a standard ACL.
  • permit/deny is used to define whether the list has to be granted or blocked.
  • source is the actual source to be matched.
  • source mask is the wildcard mask of the defined host.

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