Four CCNA Cisco Packet Tracer Switching Labs

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The following four switching labs were designed by Cisco originally and cover some basic requirements for the CCNA exam. These labs have been recreated here as Packet Tracer activities. Switching is an important topic when preparing for the CCNA exam and these labs are provided to help get a better understanding of this technology.


Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing with Multilayer Switches:

Inter-VLAN routing on distribution layer switches is made possible with switch virtual interfaces (SVIs). Multilayer switches, such as Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches, are capable of wirespeed IP routing in addition to traditional Layer 2 switching. In this case, distribution layer bound IP subnets with hosts pointing to the SVIs as default gateways for the respective IP subnets. Full IP communications, previously available only with dedicated routers, are made available with these multilayer switches.

Configuring EtherChannel:

EtherChannel enables the switch administrator to increase bandwidth between switches by bundling together between 2 and 8 links. In this scenario, you will bundle two Fast Ethernet links to form a single logical link with an effective full-duplex bandwidth of 400 Mb/s.

Configuring Port-Security:

Port security enables the switch administrator to prevent unauthorized devices from gaining access to the network. Port security is normally enabled on access layer switches for this purpose.

Configuring RSTP:

Spanning tree modes other than PVST+ are available. One of these modes is RSTP (rapid spanning tree protocol), which greatly reduces the time between a port coming up and changing to forwarding, while still preventing bridging loops. During the transition period between RSTP states, rapid spanning tree falls back to regular spanning tree on links that have regular spanning tree on one side.


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