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Voice Over IP (VOIP) has become a very important part of the network engineers job in today’s new IT department. Cisco has added a new certification to their CCNA program (CCNA Voice) to prepare new Cisco engineers for this exciting technology. This lab is an effort to help students configure and demonstrate the basic operation of this technology.


In this lab we will learn to configure Voice and Data VLANs over the same network. We will be configuring VTP, VLAN Trunking and separate VLAN to support the Voice and Data traffic. You will configure a router to supply DHCP address for both the Voice and the Data VLANs, as well as a router on a stick to route the traffic. You will then configure Telephony Services to provide configuration for all the IP phone devices. After which you will verify the configuration of both the Voice and Data devices and insure that they all communicate properly.

You will need to register in order to down load this lab scenario. Registration is absolutely free so register and feel free to download this lab as well as all the other lab on this site.


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  Free Cisco Lab Packet Tracer Activity VOIP (13,136 hits)

  Packet Tracer 5-3-3 by Cisco (48.3 MiB, 3,580 hits)
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    Where is the diagram network in this lab? I do not know which addresses I should assign to the particular routers and switches interfaces. For instance for WAN, SW1, SW2, CME etc …

  3. arm Says:

    Ok, sorry, I see already. There is .jpg diagram attached 🙂

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