Free Cisco Lab Packet Tracer Activity CCNA Final

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Since my first post on Packet Tracer I have been receiving numerous requests for lab activities designed for the Packet Tracer application. So in response to these requests I have started converting some of the more popular labs to Packet Tracer as well as creating some new ones. The following lab is one of the most popular labs the CCNA Final Assessment I have created this lab as a Packet Tracer activity so the instruction and the solution are all part of the lab. Please let me know what you think.


This Packet Tracer activity will test your knowledge of all aspects of the CCNA certification. You will configure a network with IP across Frame Relay, Ethernet, and point to point connections. You will also configure and redistribute RIP, and EIGRP routing protocols.


  Free Cisco Lab Packet Tracer Activity CCNA Final (12,286 hits)

  Packet Tracer 5-3-3 by Cisco (48.3 MiB, 3,580 hits)
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2 Responses to “Free Cisco Lab Packet Tracer Activity CCNA Final”

  1. jhollman Says:

    Great job on the packet tracers. Regarding the CCNA final, is there an updated one? perhaps a guide on how to complete? I currently made it to 93% completion, but it is because i spent numerous hours finding out that some of the info is wrong. for example, all loopbacks are labled as, but i only get a green check mark for each when i configure them for,,, etc. router 3 & 4 i cannot seem to get s0/0/0 ip address right, i have confiured exactly as the label states but i still dont get a chckmark. Part of the lab states to configure, IGRP however this is not an option and instead im doing OSPF. the activity states to configure the secret password as Cisco and other passwords as Sanfran, however there are no capital letters, the secret password and vty passwords are cisco, but the “enable password” never turns green, i’ve tried all variations. Router 3 & 4 also must have the loopback set to the same ip address, otherwise they are marked wrong. idon’t know what else, but i cannot seem to finish this. thanks.

  2. Lowe Says:

    hey thanks

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