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Today network engineers are employing more and more multilayer switched networks. These networks have the advantage of high throughput level 2 switching while retaining the level 3 routing functionality. The secret to the high performance of these networks is the hierarchical design model employing 3 layers Core, Distribution, and Access. This coupled with the advent of VLAN which breaks up collision domains has made the multilayer switched networks the design of choice.

In this Free Cisco Lab Scenario we will configure a complex multilayer switched network employing all three level of this design topology. We will explore VLANs, Trunking, EtherChannel, and MLS as well as inter VLAN routing.

Before we get started with the lab I would like provide a short description of each of the layers in the hierarchical model.


The Core layer or Network Backbone primary function is to switch traffic as fast as possible. There should be no manipulation of data at this level such as packet filtering or routing. This layer provides connectivity between switch blocks and access to other blocks like WANs. But the main job is to switch packets as quickly as possible.


The distribution layer provide connectivity between the core and access layers it also differentiate the cor. This layer provides a boundary definition and designates where potentially expensive packet manipulations are handled. The distribution layer is responsible VLAN aggregation, workgroup access, broadcast or multicast domain definition, inter-VLAN routing, media translation, and security. Routing and packet filtering is handled at this layer.


The access layer provides connectivity for the end users to the network. This layer can provide filtering in the form of access list: however, the key function of this layer is to provide access for the end users to the network. This layer provides shared bandwidth, switched bandwidth, layer 2 services such as VLAN membership, and traffic filtering.

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The following lab was created using Cisco Packet Tracer

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