Free Cisco Lab GNS3 Scenario Lab1

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This Free Cisco Lab Scenario is directed to CCNP and CCIE students of intermediate level. In this lab you will configure and redistribute RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF in multiple areas. Although there are Token Ring connections they may be substituted for Ethernet if unavailable. This lab should take about eight hours to complete.

Lab Configuration:

Lab rules:

  • No static routes unless specified.
  • Be sure to propagate routs only when and where instructed.
  • Use PVC only as directed.

Basic IP configuration:

  1. Terminal server: configure the terminal server so that all router and switches can be accessed via reverse Telnet.
  2. Configure all routers and switches with the enable secret password “Cisco” and all other passwords as “sanfran”
  3. IP addresses: Assign an IP addresses to all physical interfaces using IP segment 140.100.x.x /24 except for the following.
  • R1: Allow for 30 host address on Token Ring interface.
  • R1 PPP connection to R4 use /30.
  • R2: use on VLAN-3.
  • R2 HDLC connection to R5 use /30.
  • R3: Configure IPX network DEAD on loopback interface.
  • R4: Use /27 on Token Ring interface. Configure 10 loopback using 199.199.1.x/24 where x is the loopback number.
  • R5: Configure the Token Ring to support 14 hosts. Configure three loopback interfaces., 151.101.1/24 and
  •  R6: Assign to VLAN-2.
  • Configure Full IP and IPX connectivity to all Ethernet, Token Ring, and loopback interfaces.

Switch VLAN Configuration:

  1. Configure the VLANs as indicated in the drawing.

Frame Relay Configuration:

  1. Configure Frame Relay as shown in the diagram.
  2. You can use subinterfaces on R1 only.
  3. Use the DLCIs shown in the diagram.
  4. All traffic from R2 and R3 should travel through R1.

OSPF Configuration:

  1. R1, R2, and R3 are to share the same IP subnet.
  2. Configure OSPF on Frame Relay link of R1, R2, and R3 to be in area 0.
  3. Configure OSPF on the PPP link between R1 and R4 to be in area 10.
  4. Configure OSPF on the Token Ring interface of R1 to be in area 20.
  5. Configure the Token Ring interfaces to only become active if the Frame Relay fails.
  6. Change the hello time on R3 serial link to broadcast hellos every 60 seconds.
  7. Advertise the Loopback address on R4, to, through OSPF without assigning them to an area.

RIP Configuration:

  1. Configure RIP on VLAN-3 between R2 and Backbone router R7.
  2. Configure RIP to send and receive only version II updates.

IGRP Configuration:

  1. Configure IGRP on VLAN-1 on R3 and R6
  2. Configure IGRP on Token Ring Interface of R6.
  3. Configure IGRP not to broadcast into VLAN-2.

EIGRP Configuration:

  1. Configure EIGRP on the HDLC link between R2 and R5.
  2. Configure EIGRP on the Token Ring interface of R5.
  3. Use Autonomous System ID 2020
  4. Summarize the Loopback networks of and into one advertisement.
  5. Ensure that R6 can Ping all EIGRP networks.

IPX Configuration:

  1. Configure IPX NLSP on R5 Token Ring Interface.
  2. Configure IPX NLSP on R2.
  3. Configure IPX RIP/SAP on all LAN interfaces only.
  4. Configure IPX EIGRP on the Frame Relay WAN links.
  5. Apply a static SAP to R6 that is three hops from Token Ring Interface.
  6. Prevent R3 from propagating this SAP across the WAN.
  7. R3 should have a Loopback interface configured with the IPX network DEAD.
  8. Prevent only R4 from receiving this route.


  1. Transparently bridge SNA from VLAN-1 to VLAN-3 and across the Frame Relay network.
  2. Force the selection of ROOT bridge to go to R1

MISC Configuration:

  1. Configure CHAP authentication on the PPP link Use Cisco as a password
  2. Apply an inbound filter to R5, Filtering just the even subnets from the Loopback to on R4.
  3. Apply a inbound traffic filter to R6 that only allows PING and WWW to enter the router.

Download this GNS3 lab: {filelink=12}

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