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In this lab you will use almost every routing protocol Cisco offers for TCP/IP and should take even advanced engineers several hours. Good Luck.

Use the network address 170.10.x.x on all interfaces.  Address the network how ever you like but use the following maks lengths on each subnet:

-Use a 24 bit mask on all Token Ring, LoopBack, Serial, and ISDN interfaces
-Use a 26 bit mask on all Ethernet Interfaces
-Use a 28 bit mask on all Frame Relay Interfaces.

Configure the following redistrubutions:

– Redistribute RIP, IGRP, and OSPF into each other on R4
– Redistribute RIP into OSPF and OSPF into RIP, on R3.
– Redistribute EIGRP into OSPF into EIGRP on R2.

Make sure that all interfaces are still accessable in the event that VLAN1 fails.

Configure R4 and R3 as BGP peers in AS 200.  Configure R4 as an EBGP peer to the Term_Srv in AS100. Configure the following conditions for BGP routing:

– Redistribute the BGP routes so that all routers can ping the loopback addresses on the Term_Srv.
– Filter the advertisement of the network.
– Advertise a summary route only for the 170.10.x.x network to the Term_Serv but do not allow this summary to appear in the routing tables of other routers.
– Do not advertise the network.  This route should not appear in any routing table except R4’s.

When you are done you should be able to ping every interface on the network from any router, even if VLAN1 is down.

Download the Expert Redistribution Lab: {filelink=10}

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