Basic Practice Labs Introduction

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Welcome to our new practice labs. Each week we will add a new lab challenge for you to complete as well as the answer to the previous weeks challenge. The labs will start very basic and increases in difficulty as the week’s progress. 

For these labs we will be using a router simulator called Dynamips which can be downloaded from GNS3 for free. This software will run on Windows or MacOS X and will support a number of different router models and interfaces that will more than suffice for all the labs in the up and coming weeks. 

The following is a diagram of the physical lab configuration as you would see it in Dynamips. We will be using this configuration for all of our labs. 



Download Everything you need to complete all the labe: 

The following table contains the interface configuration of all routers used in the practice exercises. Remember when configuring your labs to always configure you LAN interfaces first then you WAN interfaces.


Router          Interface          IP Address          Subnet Mask 

R1                 S0/0         

R1                 S0/1         

R1                 S0/2         

R1                 S0/3               

R2                 F0/0         

R2                 S0/0         

R2                 S0/1         

R3                 F0/0         

R3                 S0/0        

R3                 S0/1         

BBR1            S0/0           

BBR2            S0/0         

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