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NM-16ESW Replaces Switches In Dynamips Switching Labs

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I am sure that everyone has discovered that the switches in Dynamips and GNS3 do not have the capability of supporting complex switching labs, but all is not lost. High level switching can be accomplished by using a Cisco 3640 running c3640-jk9s-mz.124-16.bin IOS with an NM-16ESW installed in slot 1 as the high level switches.

The Cisco NM-16ESW is a 16 port high density voice network module that provides layer 2 switching. It can be installed in the 2600, 3600 and 3700 series routers, and supports 10/100 on each of it 16 ports.

This configuration can emulate most of the high level switch functions need to complete the CCNA, CCNP and most of the CCIE lab scenarios. The following a list of labs you can and cannot practice.

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Cisco Lab Scenario-2 Enabling OSPF

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In this exercise we will remove the IGRP configured in our previous exercise Basic Router Setup then configure OSPF in area 0 and verify its connectivity.

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Cisco Lab Scenario-1 Basic Router Setup

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In this exercise we will configure the routers in the lab with the basic setup parameters and verify their connectivity. Finally we will save the completed configuration so that we can use in future labs.

You can configure this lab using the Dynamips lab described in the previous article Basic Practice Labs Introduction, or actual hardware you have access to.

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