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Troubleshooting VSS Failure

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In this article we are going to discuss how a VSS pair reacts during a failure. There are three possible failure scenarios that may occur.

  1. Link failure in the multi-chassis port channel link.
  2. Active supervisor engine failure.
  3. VSL failure.

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GNS3 is Holding a Network Topology Photo Challenge

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Share your best GNS3 network top0l0gy and possibly win a $250 Amazon gift card. For more information: GNS3 is Holding a Network Topology Photo Challenge Read more…

Packet Tracer Lab Securing Router Admin Access

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Security Lab1


The router is a key component that controls the movement of data into and out of the network and between devices within the network. It is particularly important to protect network routers because the failure of a routing device could make sections of the network or the entire network inaccessible. Controlling access to routers and enabling reporting on routers are critical to network security and should be part of a comprehensive security policy. Read more…

New Cisco IOS Requirements for Certification Exams

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Are you preparing for Cisco certification exam and need lab equipment? If so there are a few things you need to know. The new CCNA and CCNP exam is based on the latest Cisco IOS revision 15.0 this limits the number of Cisco routers model available to use in your practice labs. The Cisco 2800 series router is the most affordable model that supports the necessary IOS version. Older router models are still useable but should have at least Cisco IOS revision 12.4 installed. But in any case your lab should contain at least one router model that supports the latest Cisco IOS revision 15.0.  Read more…